DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund*

An opportunity to participate in the returns generated by the large and profitable Australian consumer credit market.

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* The Responsible Entity for the DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund ARSN 602 325 628 (the Fund) is One Managed Investment Funds Limited (ABN 47 117 400 987) (AFSL 297 042) (RE). The Responsible Entity is the issuer of the Fund's Product Disclosure Statement.
^ Unaudited performance since inception - See full disclosure below for more details.
# Throughout suggested investment term - See full disclosure below for more details.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Investors should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to determine if the Fund is suitable for them. Investors should seek advice from an independent financial adviser.

Tested Asset Class

The emerging consumer credit asset class has achieved steady returns, relatively low volatility and reliable capital preservation over a 7 year period that included that global financial crisis.

Institutionally Accepted Credit Criteria

The loans bought by the Fund meet DirectMoney's strict credit criteria, the same used to approve the $5 million portfolio purchased by a major Australian financial institution in February 2016.

Historically Consistent Monthly Returns

Since inception in May 2015, investors earned a 7.5% p.a. return net of fees and provisions^ and received regular monthly distributions. Completed applications received with cleared funds by midday Monday usually start earning after 2 business days.

Pooled Portfolio - Fully Managed

The Fund's pooled model diversifies risk across all loans in the portfolio. Investors are not required to select loans or manage monthly reinvestment. Hardship affected and non-compliant loans may be repurchased by DirectMoney.

ASX Listed Manager - Independent Responsible Entity

The Fund Manager is owned by DirectMoney Limited, an ASX listed company, promoting an extra level of transparency and regulatory oversight. The fund responsible entity is One Managed Investment Funds Limited (ACN 117 400 987) (AFS 297 042) (Responsible Entity or RE), a subsidiary of One Investment Group (OIG) which is responsible for in excess of 200 funds with $10bn in a wide range of underlying asset classes.

Features of the DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund

Investment Type

Registered Managed Investment Scheme

Investment Strategy

Invest in portfolio of fixed rate, unsecured Australian personal loans

Target Rate of Return1

5% to 5.5% p.a. above the RBA cash rate, after fees & provisions


Option to withdraw 36 separate monthly instalments each equal to 1/36th of the units held.

Minimum Investment Term2

3 years from notice to receive all withdrawal instalments

Inception Date

13 May 2015

Unit Price

$1.0000 per Unit

Minimum Investment


Minimum Additional Investment



Paid monthly in arrears - reinvestment option available

Fees - including GST

Management Fee 1.794%, Administration Fee 1.045%

Applications & Dealing Day3

Units issued each Wednesday - application cut-off 2 business days prior

DirectMoney Concept

DirectMoney is a Marketplace Lender that originates personal loans via its online lending platform and sells equitable interest in those loans to the DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund ARSN 602 325 628 (the Fund). The DirectMoney Group undertakes that loans sold to the Fund comply with strict credit standards and are selected to align with the Fund's targeted returns. DirectMoney maintains an equity funded loan warehouse that enables the immediate funding of approved credit applications and a ready supply of settled loans to satisfy investor demand in a flexible manner. DirectMoney earns fees by managing the loan portfolio and is motivated to grow the Fund while ensuring high credit standards and stable returns.

Fund Governance

The DirectMoney Personal Loan Fund ARSN 602 325 628 (the Fund) is a registered managed investment sceheme. The responsible entity for the Fund is One Managed Investment Funds Limited (ABN 47 117 400 987) (AFSL 297042) (Responsible Entity or RE). The Responsible Entity has issued a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 28 April 2016. The Fund will acquire loan investments, which are equitable interests in Australian fixed rate unsecured personal loans made by DirectMoney Finance Pty Ltd (ACN 119 503 221) (AFSL/ACL 458572) (Seller) of either 3 or 5 years' duration that provide for fixed monthly repayments, comprised of principal and interest. The Fund is managed by DirectMoney Investment Management Pty Ltd (ACN 604 346 189) (ARN 473725) (Manager).

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

The PDS contains important information about investing in the Fund and investors are advised to obtain and read a copy of the PDS before making a decision about whether to acquire, continue to hold or dispose of Units in the Fund. For further information, please call 1300 992 007, email or register your interest and download the PDS and application forms.

Fund Performance

Click here to visit the Fund's historical performance page.


Who can invest in the Fund?
The offer is available to persons receiving the PDS within Australia, from a minimum $10,000 investment.
How do I withdraw my investment?
Investments are withdrawn in 36 separate monthly unit redemptions from the time a withdrawal is requested. Withdrawal program can be terminated by lodging a Withdrawal Cancellation Form. Please see section 2.10 of the PDS.
Can I re-invest my distributions (returns)?
You may choose to re-invest your distributions. Distributions are issued as additional units in the Fund. Please note distributions cannot be re-invested if you are on a withdrawal program.
Can I withdraw only my distributions?
Yes, if distributions are not re-invested, they will instead be paid in cash to your bank account.
What if something happens to DirectMoney?
The economic interest in the loans owned by the Fund would not be affected by the failure of DirectMoney. In such a circumstance the title of the loans would be transferred to the Fund and the RE would continue to act in the best interests of the unitholders.
Who is the RE of the Fund?
One Managed Investment Funds Limited a member of One Investment Group established in 2009, is the independent Responsible Entity. One Investment Group is responsible for in excess of 200 funds and $10bn in wide ranging underlying asset classes under management.
Is the Fund safe, what are the risks?
The PDS contains a comprehensive list of risks and benefits. Unitholders may not receive income or capital on their investment where borrowers default in respect of the loans comprising the assets of the Fund. However the Fund is pooled and the risk is spread among investors. Distributions have remained stable and there has been no loss in capital since inception (see Fund Performance for full distribution details). Past performance is no indication of future returns.
Can I invest with my SMSF?
The Fund is open to SMSF investments.
How do I invest?
There is an online application form:
Otherwise please call us on 1300 992 007 to request a hard copy to be sent out to you.


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^ Unaudited performance – Net returns are calculated using the current net asset value (NAV), being gross assets less liabilities (including fees, costs and the provision of distributions payable), plus the monthly provision for distribution as a percentage of the prior month ex-NAV and assumes reinvestment of income. Fund asset values have been calculated using unaudited data for the month being reported. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Prospective investors should obtain and read a copy of the product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Fund before deciding whether to invest in the Fund. The total net fund returns shown are prepared on the net asset value unit price (i.e. after taking account of ongoing fees and expenses). They do not take your personal taxation into account. Inception 13 May 2015.

1 The Fund seeks to deliver a consistent return of approximately 5.0% to 5.5% over the RBA cash rate, throughout a suggested investment term of 3 to 5 years. This investment return objective is based on the historical premium over the RBA cash rate which has applied to unsecured personal loans. Note this investment return objective is not a forecast. It is merely an indication of what the Fund aims to achieve on the assumption that credit and debt markets remain relatively stable throughout the suggested investment term.
2 Please refer to section 2.10 of the PDS for further details
3 Please refer to section 2.4 of the PDS for further details